Refugee Info Bus in the News in Calais

Al Jazeera + Internet Bus Connects Refugees in France

For refugees in Calais, France, this vehicle is more than a van. It's a place to connect with the families they left behind.

Al Jazerra - Stranded in Calais: 'This is not a life ... We are human, we are human'

Volunteers believe that Mr Macron's visit has fuelled expectations and have lead to rumours that it's easier to cross to the UK now.
"People have false hope because of this misunderstanding," says Rowan Farrell, cofounder of the Refugee Info Bus based at the Calais warehouse.

"There's been no effort beforehand to explain to people what asylum entails in France, or what family reunification entails for people who are eligible for it in the UK.

New Statesman - "Theresa May’s Calais deal shows Britain is yet again shirking its responsibility"

by BY CHRIS AFUAKWAH - Refugee Info Bus Volunteer

"Displaced people in Calais are the UK’s responsibility. Why? Because many have a legal right to be reunited with family in the UK. This is nothing new, and should not be a contentious issue. Both France and the UK have a responsibility to ensure that displaced people in the area gain access to family reunification processes under the Dublin Procedure."

The Guardian - 'England seemed so close': refugee, 15, crushed to death by Calais lorry

“Conditions have really deteriorated in the past few months; there has been more violence from police, more action taken to dissuade people from being here. Any sign of a new camp is demolished. Police spray teargas on possessions and you can’t sleep in a sleeping bag that has been sprayed,” said Rowan Farrell, a volunteer with the Refugee Info Bus.

UNHCR Innovation

Innovation Conversations: How the Refugee Info Bus is connecting refugees across Europe

Rowan Farrell, Co-Founder of the Refugee Info Bus, stopped by UNHCR Innovation on his way from Calais, France to Greece where their program is now expanding. He discusses the importance of connectivity for refugees and why we need address more fundamental ways of assisting persons of concern, outside of simply food and shelter.

i24 News

i24news: The Lineup speaks to refugee activist from Calais camp

Speaking to Rowan Farrell, Co-founder of Refugee info Bus - À Calais, un bus offre des heures de détente sur Internet aux migrants

France 24 - Refugees in Calais tell their stories through photography

Activists handed out 40 disposable cameras in March to refugees in Calais. In mid-July, the NGO published their photos on its Facebook page. The goal: let the refugees document their lives themselves, and do away with some of the worst preconceived notions about them.

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