How to apply for phone credit 

  • Request to join the Facebook page: Phone Credit for Refugees and Displaced People 

  • Tell them your age and location (Calais/Dunkirk/France)

  • Once you are accepted, click on this link on the page:

  • This will guide you through the application process (there are various languages available)

  • It will look like this:

  • When you are asked for a photo of your hand by where you live, you can take it by your tent/camp area or you can take a photo by the Info Bus van:

  • Each person can apply for one top up every 30 days - if you apply too many times or apply with different phone numbers, IMEI codes or names, you will be banned from the system and you won’t be able to get phone credit any more

This page is run by the UK registered charity, Refugee Info Bus - for more info on our work, check out our website. 

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