Brexit, increasingly draconian European policies on immigration, and with this, more heavy handed border policing - these are just some of the issues displaced people are facing in 2020.  


With your support, we can help our service users face them head-on:





Why Donate? 

Our work requires long days researching and translating changes in the law.  This requires the time, dedication and effort of people with legal skills, language skills and insights of people who have claimed asylum themselves.  


It also requires cold days in fields, industrial parks, in and around  our van, setting up the Wifi, running workshops and being present to answer people's questions.


Crucially, it also requires money. Our independence means that our work is funded almost entirely by the kind donations of people like you.  Let’s keep up our hard work - together.

This page is run by the UK registered charity, Refugee Info Bus - for more info on our work, check out our website. 

PO BOX:  Po Box 28652, Edinburgh, EH4 9EX

Registered UK Charity Number: 1168538

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