Journalism, Storytelling, Film Making and Photography

Our video team based in Athens make multilingual videos for refugees to explain, step by step, the complex asylum systems. These videos are shared on social media as well as shown cinema style, directly in the camps. Using video, photography and the written word, we create material for both refugees and people interested in the crisis.  Video is an incredibly effective medium for communicating to people from many different countries who speak many different languages and have varying degrees of literacy. Written legal information can often be stale and hard to understand for anyone. Our videos, presented by Info Bus volunteers speaking in their native language and with first hand experience, are engaging and extremely popular. They give refugees greater understanding of the situation they have so unfortunately fallen into.Our team also works to tell the stories refugees want to tell. Giving a voice to those who have had everything else taken away. Our first hand reportage shows what is really happening on the ground in a way that is both respectful and collaborative with those telling the story.

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This page is run by the UK registered charity, Refugee Info Bus - for more info on our work, check out our website. 

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